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Our Story

F.L.D. stands for Florida Library Designs.  We are proud to offer many solutions for your library.  FLD Solutions has had an incredible journey since its inception in 1982.  From changing names and adding solutions/services to adapt to a changing and evolving market, to even simplifying our offerings.


We originally concentrated on the oil and gas manufacturing industries developing petrol chemical storage solutions. We then grew into handling projects for the library market, which led to relocating books and shelving, incorporating in January of 2004 as Florida Library Designs, Inc. At about the same time the Universal Air Lift was being developed and patented in Texas by its inventor. Originally incorporated in Texas then in 2008 moved to Florida as the Universal Air Lift, Inc.


As we move forward into a broader range of storage solutions we have decided to add the dba FLD Solutions to simplify our names under one heading.


Our vast knowledge of library relocation and storage solutions stems from years of service and installations with all types of libraries, shelving, and industrial storage manufacturers. We provide a multitude of services including relocation of collections, mapping, measuring, interfiling, planning; layout and expansion of collections; tagging for merging of collection and cleaning of books prior to or after relocation. Shifting of collections from range to range or floor to floor; back shifting and spacing of collections; merging of collection book by book or by call sequence; purging of collections for storage purposes; off-site storage of collections and shelving. We install all types of industrial storage products.


No job is too big for our team, We are constantly looking to evolve with our craft and our industry. If you have a job you need help with but are unsure if we can help, give us a call, we would love to walk you through it and see if we can assist!

Why use FLD for your moving needs?

FLD Solutions uses The Universal Air Lift to make your next move a smart move!

The Universal Air Lift was designed to make Smart Moves when relocating stacks, shelving, or fixtures. Drawing upon more than 35 years of experience in the industry, the latest version of the UAL is the most efficient and effective system to manage your next refurbishing, carpet replacement, flooring repair, or other storage relocation.

The Universal Air lift is extremely effective in transporting or relocating loaded stacks or shelves. A Smart Move starts with the UAL and ends with less down time, less handling of contents and elimination of refilling.

The UAL is scalable to match the size of a library, museum or retail fixture or shelving. The structure is supported from the center of mass, allowing for a stable, safe move over uneven or obstructed surfaces. The contents are minimally affected as the UAL securely transports them in their normal position.